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Position: Eden Prairie Council Member


– Mark Freiberg (incumbent)
– Greg Lehman

– Kathy Nelson (incumbent)
– Micah Olson

Eden Prairie is seeking two executives who will make city-related policy and legislative decisions – including budget and tax-levy decisions – in concert with fellow office holders (one vote apiece), but who delegate administrative duties to the city manager.

City council executives who are not mayor are paid an annual salary of $11,672.96, as of 2022.

Must be 21 or older and a resident of Eden Prairie at least 30 days before the election.

Four city council members and a mayor are elected every four years, but terms are staggered. These are at-large representatives, not assigned to specific wards or areas of Eden Prairie. The top two vote-getters will serve terms starting in January.

Candidate Profiles


Question #1: If you could accomplish just one major thing during your term in office, what would you want that to be, and why?

Question #2: What recommendation, if any, from the Race Equity Report prepared for the city in 2021 deserves the council’s highest attention?

Question #3: The city has been enacting 2020 task force recommendations to create more affordable housing. Would you favor staying the course, slowing those efforts, or accelerating those activities? Why?

Question #4: The Eden Prairie City Council adopted a Climate Action Plan in March 2020, with the overall goal of achieving communitywide carbon neutrality by 2050. Do you support this plan? What changes in this approach would you favor, if any?

Question #5: In your view, do Eden Prairie residents currently receive a level of city services that is too low, too high, or about right compared to the amount of city property taxes they pay? What changes, if any, would you make in this area?