Silent Struggles

An Eden Prairie Local News Special Series on Mental Health

A teenager with head down in a hallway

From the team:

When Jordan Markie shot himself in the Eden Prairie Scheels last August, he shocked our city’s residents into a lot of soul searching. Mental health issues and suicidal ideation are nationwide problems, and Eden Prairie is not immune. After reporting the suicides of four young men within two years, including three who were Eden Prairie High School students, Eden Prairie Local News (EPLN) began working on Silent Struggles in April 2023. Our reporters interviewed mental health experts; law enforcement; school administrators, counselors, teachers, and students; legislators; nonprofit providers of mental health resources; and mothers of sons who died by suicide. Beginning Oct. 5, EPLN will share compassionate responses through the eyes of survivors, and resources available for families, friends, and those who serve our students in Eden Prairie. Follow our eight-part series, right here on EPLN.

– Jim Bayer

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We’re grateful for the support of the Eden Prairie Community Foundation and EP AM Rotary whose contributions made this series possible.

See EPLN’s list of local, state, and national mental health resources.

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