Social Media Coordinator (Part-Time)

Eden Prairie Local News (EPLN), a digital non-profit, independent newspaper serving the city of Eden Prairie, seeks a part-time social media coordinator to manage its accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. The successful applicant will build strengths and skills suitable for a career in social impact fundraising, marketing, community building, and more. 

Duties Include:

  • Translate stories that appear on EPLN into vibrant, fun and platform-specific social media posts on a daily and timely basis (we post roughly two to five stories per day).
  • Leverage best photos we have. Suggest ideas and opportunities for other images to enhance posts and to build EPLN’s brand. Advise editors of ways to better leverage EPLN’s content.
  • Prepare monthly analytics reports highlighting most successful social media content and areas of opportunity across channels; total traffic; demographic insights; trends. 
  • Write catchy headlines and copy suitable for each platform. 
  • Cultivate a community by responding to comments and direct messages in a timely and personable manner.
  • Prepare periodic reports to share with Board of Directors on wins/struggles with social media.


  • Preferably live in Eden Prairie, but will consider others.
  • Must be facile and fun with headlines. 
  • Excellent work habits and communication skills. 
  • Must know the tools and policies of each social media provider intimately. 
  • Quick to learn and apply new creative formats. 


  • A power user of a variety of social media platforms, and familiarity with the latest tools. 
  • An interest in journalism and community building. 
  • Knowledge of analytical tools on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Facility presenting analytics to outside stakeholders in a succinct engaging manner. 


Pay for this position is $800 a month, with an expectation of no more than 10 hours per week. 

EPLN is an equal opportunity employer. 

Posted: March 9th 2023