Spring Street Sweeping

Each April, the Streets Maintenance Division conducts a full sweeping of the 230 miles of City streets in Eden Prairie. This year, spring street sweeping is scheduled to begin Monday, April 12, and will be completed within one week – weather permitting.

You Can Help

  • Park vehicles in driveways and garages, rather than on the street.
  • Keep trash receptacles out of the street and behind the curb on collection days.
  • Basketball hoops should be out of the roadway throughout the year to comply with the City’s right-of-way ordinance.
  • Refrain from raking yard waste into the street, it not only causes backups on storm drains and leads to flooded roadways, but also affects aquatic life once it reaches ponds and lakes.

Additional maintenance sweeping is conducted throughout the summer months to control silt and debris from collecting on streets and washing into lakes and streams, and another full sweeping is conducted in the fall.


Apr 12 - 19 2021


Completed within one week – weather permitting
8:00 am