Jumping Worms | Protecting Our Garden Spaces

Tips and techniques for managing our gardens and best practices for sharing plants to guard against unwanted guests

In spring of 2020, just as we became aware of how quickly Jumping Worms were infesting our local gardens, Wild Ones Twin Cities considered canceling our popular donated plant sale, hosted by Julia at her garden in Minneapolis. While not wanting to unknowingly spread an invasive species, we believed we were thorough in our efforts to minimize any risk. As we continue to learn more, we can no longer make that assumption. Even the nursery trade can no longer guarantee their products do not have cocoons, as worms have been found on trucks delivering plants from out state.

Last fall (2020), Julia began to experiment transferring plants via bare roots. As this technique is new to many of us, testing via her Bare Root Clinics and Demonstrations continued this spring and will continue into 2022 with support from other members of Wild Ones Twin Cities. In her presentation, Julia will share what we have learned thus far along with mitigation updates from gardeners who already have infestations. These best practices will hopefully become the new normal, protecting our gardens and natural areas from accidental introduction of invasive species.

Julia Vanatta has been a homeowner and active member of Longfellow Community in Minneapolis since the late ’70s. Getting serious about gardening roughly 20 years ago, Julia has used her own gardens to experiment and learn all she can about native plants and the wildlife they support, especially insects. For the past 15 years, Julia has been active as a leader in various capacities for Wild Ones Twin Cities. More recently she started the Facebook group, Native Plant Gardens in the Upper Midwest, a discussion group where members engage in an exchange of ideas and practices for local ecosystem gardening.

Link to register for bare root clinics this fall: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b054da4a62fa5f94-bare


Nov 10 2021


7:00 pm
Wild Ones Prairie Edge


Wild Ones Prairie Edge