Community Solar Garden Webinar

Soon Eden Prairie residents, including renters, will have an opportunity to register for an energy subscription to a new rooftop solar garden at the Community Center.

Join Cooperative Energy Futures and the City of Eden Prairie for an informational webinar about subscribing to community solar gardens that answers these questions:

  • What is a community solar garden, and what does building one at the Community Center mean for Eden Prairie residents?
  • Who is Cooperative Energy Futures, and what does being part of a clean energy cooperative entail?
  • Who can subscribe to this project, and what can participants expect?
  • How does it work for renters and those who can’t invest upfront?
  • How to sign up?

Participating residents will have a chance to ask questions, learn about similar projects already operating nearby and take the first step toward participating.

Event is open to all Eden Prairie residents!

Zoom Webinar Link
Passcode: 351292

Learn more about this program at


Jun 21 2021


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Virtual Event
City of Eden Prairie


City of Eden Prairie